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Femoire Day & Night 1-Month Package

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Femoire Kit




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Femoire Day & Night 全素玫瑰花胎素 吃出水润素颜美


This all-vegan formula with Rose Placenta® essence  is here to revolutionize skincare, providing a radiant and healthy glow. Here’s what makes it amazing: 

1. Strengthens the skin's barrier function 

2. Protects the skin from light damage

3. Reduces oil production and melanin formation

4. Activates collagen regeneration

5. Rebuilds skin structure

6. Supplements plant nutrients


Package Detail: 

1 bottle of Femoire Day (60 tablets per bottle)

2 boxes of Femoire Night (15 sachets per box)


Femoire Day & Night

Protect by Day, Repair by Night

What is "Day Protection, Night Repair"?
Femoire's Day & Night products are developed according to the skin's circadian rhythm, where the skin enters defense mode during the day and repair mode during the night.


Package Description:

Femoire Day 

Triple Photoprotection

(Anti-UVA, Anti-UVB, Anti-infrared) 

Skin Barrier Strengthening

Femoire Day is specially designed to offer 12-hour protection and brightening for your skin during the day. Formulated with 2 key ingredients, VIQUA® Red Pomegranate Extract and POMEWHITE® White Pomegranate Extract, Femoire Day helps strengthen your skin barrier, protects against UV damage, reduces sebum and pigmentation.

Femoire Night 

Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) Activation

Phytonutrient Replenishment

Femoire Night is specially designed to provide 12-hour repair and rejuvenation for your skin during the night. With Rose Placenta® Extract as the key ingredient, Femoire Night aids in activating Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), resulting in benefits like promoting skin cell turnover and collagen regeneration for stronger skin structure.


Femoire Day - Protection日间防护

Femoire Night - Repair夜间修复

  • Femoire Day

    • 红石榴萃取
    • 白石榴萃取
    • 刺梨萃取
    • 酵母萃取
  • Femoire Night

    • 玫瑰花胎素
    • 木槿花胶原蛋白肽
    • 玫瑰花瓣萃取
    • 营养酵母






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