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Nuwell Adore.Me 60's

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Quantity: 1 Box (60 capsules)
Description: 6 blister packs per box 

(10 capsules per blister pack)

Nuwell is a stimulant-free, 100% natural weight loss product with benefits proven by 3 clinical trials.

Premium ingredient:

Sinetrol® (France)

Sinetrol® is a patented weight loss ingredient formulated from natural Mediterranean citrus. Sinetrol® reduces the excess of fat mass and improves long-term body composition.

It is proven by 3 clinical trials for:

  • Reduction of 10% abdominal fat in 3 months
  • Reduction of 5% body fat in 3 months
  • Reduction of 5cm waist circumference in 3 months
  • Reduction of 5cm hip circumference in 3 months

Directions of use:

Adults: Take 2 capsules each time, once per day after meal.

Recommended for individuals:

  • who are overweight (BMI not within normal range)
  • who wants to reduce waist size, hip size and abdominal fat
  • who want to lose weight due to health concerns
  • who usually consume a high-fat diet
  • who lead a sedentary lifestyle

Patented ingredients

Sinetrol® 500mg

3 main functions

✔ Enhanced fat burning and metabolism

✔ Effective and long lasting weight control

✔ Reduction of waist size, hip size, and abdominal fat.

Directions of use

Take 2 capsules after lunch


Shipping to West Malaysia, East Malaysia and Singapore.

  • The key ingredient

  • The studies

  • The results


How does Adore.Me work

The main ingredient of Adore.Me, Sinetrol® is proven to reduce the volume of fat cells by activating lipolysis and speed up the metabolism of fat in the body.

Is Adore.Me safe

Yes. Adore.Me does not contain any stimulants, illegal or banned substances.

Type of capsule

Adore.Me is made of vegecaps, a plant-based capsule.

Product certification

Adore.Me is registered with MOH with MAL19046106TC.

  • Suitable for Asians

    Studies in Seoul has proven the efficacy of Sinetrol® on the Asian population.

  • No rebound effect

    A follow-up study after the end of the supplementation showed no rebound or yoyo effect from Sinetrol®.

  • No adverse effect

    The various clinical studies conducted on Sinetrol® all conjointly confirmed the absence of adverse effect.

Beyond weight loss

It's rebalancing body composition: lean-to-fat mass ratio significantly improves with Sinetrol®.

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