The ultimate weight loss solution.

TP90™ is a 90-day weight management program developed by pharmacists with over 40 years of combined experience and guided by experienced nutritionists.

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4 patented ingredients. 7 clinical studies. 20 years of research.

No stimulants.

No illegal & banned substances.

100% natural ingredients.

Featured in Natural Health Magazine

Awarded Best Natural Slimming Supplement of the year 2021

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"One of our missions is to continuously formulate health products with 3Ps: Premium ingredients, Professionalism, and Passion."

Gaffer, Pharmacist & Founder

To go the extra mile

TP90™ The overall journey

  • Sinetrol®

    Sinetrol® is a patented weight loss ingredient formulated from natural Mediterranean citrus. Sinetrol® reduces the excess of fat mass and improves long-term body composition.

  • InnoSlim®

    InnoSlim® is a proprietary plant-derived compound extracted from highly fractionated Panax notoginseng and Astragalus membranaceus. It is excellent for fat burning and decreased glucose absorption. 

  • DNF-10®

    DNF-10® is a food-based ingredient promoting weight management as proven with 4 clinical studies. It helps the body to reduce hunger through the mediation of appetite hormones: leptin and ghrelin. 

  • Cactinea™

    Cactinea™ is a weight management ingredient derived from the cactus fruit of Opuntia ficus-indica, called prickly pear. Cactinea™ has clinically demonstrated exceptional water elimination properties.

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  • 18 months

    18 months of product development that led to the launch of XllimMe in 2019 and AdoreMe in 2020.

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  • 70 pharmacies and growing

    Our products are available in over 70 pharmacies in Malaysia.

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  • 5000+ customers and growing

    Over 5000 customers have embarked on a transformation journey with us.

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