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Nuwell Restore.Me PLUS

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Quantity: 4 Boxes

Description: 7 sachets per box (15g per sachet)

Nuwell Restore.Me is the first TriBiogenic (TBG) product formulated by pharmacists with the aim to improve holistic health and wellness. It contains 5 patented ingredients with benefits proven by multiple clinical studies.


Premium ingredients

3 patented postbiotics:


LPM-5 is a patented fermented mixed grains metabolites formulated by 20 professors from UPM after 20 years of research and development. It has multiple proven benefits such as improving immune system, reducing cholesterol, improving gut health and metabolism.

InstaKOMBU (Taiwan)

InstaKOMBU is high quality patented high-fibre-encapsulated Kombucha powder. It uses high-quality kombucha liquid fermented from small-leaf black tea hand-picked from Taiwan’s Alishan high mountains. It has multiple health benefits such as weight loss, detox, antioxidation, anti-inflammatory and improving gut health.


NONIENZYME is a fermented noni fruit enzyme made from organically grown noni, with proprietary bio-fermentation technology to energize your body and promote better immune system. Other health benefits include detox, anti-aging,and reducing uric acid.


1 patented probiotic:

Bifidobacterium longum BB536 (Japan)

BB536 is one of the most well-established, clinically effective probiotic strains with health benefits proven by more than 200 scientific studiesThe benefits include providing a consistent beneficial effect in improvement of gastrointestinal conditions, maintenance of intestinal microflora balance, regulation of immune response, anti-allergy, and protection against microbial infections.


1 patented prebiotic:


PROMITOR® is a corn based soluble fibre with over two times the digestive tolerance of inulin, reducing the possibility of digestive discomfort. Its benefits include improved digestion, weight management and bone health benefits.


Directions of use: Take 1 sachet after dinner


Shipping to West Malaysia, East Malaysia and Singapore.